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Amsterdam Prive is one of Amsterdam's top escort agencies providing various escort services to hotels in and around Amsterdam. Browse through our website to read more about our escort services, we are sure you will not be disappointed. And finally take a look at our escort gallery, we have some of the most beautiful escorts in Amsterdam at competitive prices.

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Our Amsterdam Escort Services

We offer the following escort services. First-time customers are often not aware that time spent with an escort can be far more exciting than they are typically used to when applying some creativity.

Amsterdam Hotel Escort Services

We are based in Amsterdam but deliver to all hotels across Holland. Booking a hotel escort service to your hotels could not be easier. All we need is your hotel's name, room number and when you want the girl. You can either phone us or send an email with your details. Our friendly receptionist will answer any questions you may have and take care of all the details. If you have worries about hotel staff or other guests, let us put your mind at rest. Your privacy is essential to us, so when delivering escorts, we keep a very low profile no one even knows we were there. That being said, this is Holland where escorting is legal so the truth is no one cares about what escorts are doing it's widely accepted and for hotels is good business. Many hotels will help you organize an escort.

Amsterdam Erotic Massages

This is not the usual massage that you might find; our Amsterdam erotic massages are performed in the privacy of your hotel room by stunning escorts whose only purpose is to ensure your pleasure. Because escorts perform our Amsterdam Erotic Massages, you don't need to worry about requesting a happy ending this is part of the deal. So if you are stressed and need to unwind why not try this excellent service, we guarantee this will be the best nights sleep you've had in a long time.

Amsterdam Girlfriend Experience

Our GFE service is a unique experience where the escort provides a type of companionship which is typically associated with a girlfriend. This includes things like kissing and cuddling, which is not usually part of an escort's services provided. Our GFE experience comes with an additional charge and must be prearranged as not all escorts offer this service.

Amsterdam Dinner Dates

Our dinner date service is a great way to get out of your hotel and have a quiet relaxing evening with a gorgeous lady. Business trips can often be a lonely experience. This need not be the case anymore. We beautiful and exciting girls, many of which are highly educated and have super exciting lives. Further to that, the bond you'll make over dinner will only serve to heighten the eventual ending to the evening.

Anal Escorts Amsterdam

Many customers love A-level or better known as the Anal Escort Service. Anal Amsterdam Escorts provide anal sex as part of their service. For allot of men, anal sex is even better than regular sex, and there is no replacement. Unfortunately, not every woman likes this sexual act, and so many men must go without, and in some case have never even tried it. So, if you have not tried anal sex and are excited to try something new, then allow one of our escort girls to show you the light. We believe having anal sex for the first time with one of our sexy call girls is a sensible idea before trying it with a regular woman. Like this, you will know what you are doing.

High-class Escorts and Amsterdam Call Girls

We have all see the street hookers in movies with their shady pimps looking over their every move. Let us be the first to inform you we are nothing like the movies. Instead, our high-class Amsterdam escorts are beautifully poised and sophisticated Amsterdam call girls who you could take to any upmarket venue. Our escorts are more like the kind of girls you would want to date or get married to. To achieve this, we are incredibly selective about the type of call girls we put on the site. This critically selective process we go through in finding and evaluating our escorts is what our clients value and have come to expect. In doing so, we have built up a reputation for having the best call girls in Amsterdam with the best escort services. We take this reputation very seriously and continue to push the boundaries of services and customer satisfaction.

Couples Amsterdam Escorts

Our couples escort service provides a unique experience for couples. Many people in a secure relationship are often in search of new and exciting sexual encounters, and our couples Amsterdam escorts offer just that. For many years threesomes have been a taboo subject, but with the passing of time and the sexual liberation of people, we have seen this section of the market snowballing. Unlike swingers clubs, the couples escort service is far more personal and for some a proper introduction before entering the swingers world. Our call girls will help guide you and your partner through the encounter making the experience seamless and enjoyable. We do, however, advise couples to make sure that both parties are 100% comfortable with the idea before engaging in such acrtivities. Usually, we recommend couples take their queue cards from the female and often the male is less aware of the potential emotional issues that may arise.

Amsterdam Escort Companions

Not every man that orders an Amsterdam escort wants to have sex. Many men are only looking to spend quality time with a beautiful woman. For such individuals, we have our Amsterdam escort companions. This service provides high-class escorts who are capable of engaging with our customers at an intellectual level. What people often assume that call girls are beautiful with no brains. This could not be further from the truth. Unlike most normal young girls our escorts have spent most of their time with mature, successful businessmen. For this reason, they are far more knowledgeable and way wiser to the world: this presents an interesting conundrum which will be pleasantly surprising for most men. One of the best features of this companion service is that you are guaranteed of having sex should you want it, and it is this knowledge that often increases the sexual tension and transforming a regular conversation into something far more engaging.

Duo Amsterdam Escort Service

Our duo Amsterdam escorts service provides the ultimate fantasy for most men. When asking men what their number one fantasy is, the majority answer to be with more than one women in bed. However, unlike other fantasies to achieve this dream will be extremely difficult for most men in regular day to day living. Let's face it unless you are a celebrity the chances of you convincing two women to climb into bed with you are almost next to nothing.

It is for this reason we created the Duo Escort Service. With this service, you can choose one or more escorts who will work together to fulfil your every desire. We will then arrange girls that like working with each other to elevate the sexual encounter for both you and them. All you need to do is select the call girls that catch your eye and we will do the rest. Easier than this you will not find.

Party Call Girl Service

Amsterdam is a popular destination for groups of guys enjoying a weekend away. This often results in crazy parties where girls are at the centre of attention. Our party call girl service caters for this very need. With a single call, we can provide multiple girls to a single location. Party girls are unlike regular escorts in that they are open-minded and like to party.

Having a group of playful men can be a challenge for most escorts. If not dealt with correctly, things can quickly get out of control, and the entire mood can be compromised. Party girls, on the other hand, have experience in dealing with such situations and know exactly how to manage things. What this means for our customers is that they don't have to worry about things as our girls will take care of everything. This means you can have a great night without fear of waking up in the morning with a huge situation on your hands.

Special Sexual Requirements

Many of our customers have special sexual requirements, which we are more than happy to accommodate, that being said it is always best for you to call or email us to ensure we can provide what you are looking for. Our policy regarding special needs is not to force our girls to perform sexual acts that they are not entirely comfortable doing. This means as an agency we are open with our customers regarding which girls will do what and always pair the right girl with the right client, we believe that this approach achieves the best results for both parties. Our standard service, classic service is sex and oral with condom. All other sexual acts are considered extras as must be addressed before bookings. We will, at this point, inform you of any extra costs that may be required. In doing it this way, there are no surprises for both you and the girl. It should be noted that not all requests come with a price tag. Many requests like how the girl should dress etc. are often part of the service and come with no additional charge.

Models and Escorts in Amsterdam

At Amsterdam Prive, we have a fantastic collection of stunning escorts in all shapes and sizes. No matter what your preference is, we will surely have what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for petite escorts or curvy escorts, blonde escorts or brunette escorts we have what you need. 

Blonde High-class Amsterdam Escorts

Blonde girls have always had the reputation of being exciting and fun. Our high-class blonde Amsterdam Escorts are no exception. Full of life and ready for anything they are the pinnacle of the escort world. Our blonde call girls are well known in the city for being some of the best companions available. If you are new to the town and need an energy boost, then think no more because our lovely ladies are just what you need. Take a few minutes and browse our blonde escort gallery and find that girl of your dreams.

Curvy Amsterdam Escorts

Here at Amsterdam Prive, we have a selection of curvy escorts for you to choose from. To be a curvy escort, they must have a fuller figure with that hourglass shape. That is to say. She must have beautiful and full breasts and hips but a thin waistline. If you are a lover of curvy escorts, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Our companions love to be pampered, fondled and caressed in all manner of situations.

Brunette Amsterdam Call Girls

For some reason, men have always regarded brunette girls as serious. This may be because brunette women have received less attention through the ages or maybe there is some truth to it. All we can say is our brunette escorts are lovely, and although they can be serious, they are also loving, sensitive and caring. We think our brunette Amsterdam escorts are the perfect blend for most men. When dealing with customers that are new to the escort industry, we will often recommend a brunette call girl as an induction.

Busty Amsterdam Escorts

Busty girls are every man's fantasy; by nature, men have been drawn to women with a full bosom. That's why our Escort Agency has recruited girls with big natural breasts from Amsterdam, Europe and across the world. Our escorts are naturally busty, having size 34C and upwards. Here, you would find large, full and big-bosomed girls with natural curves, lovely hair and pretty faces. Having a great bust is not the only quality our Amsterdam Escorts possess; they are humble, polite and caring people too. All big breasted escorts in our agency have their personality. For instance, some girls are quite; while some are complete party animals, while others are fond of dinner dates and late-night stay-ins with you.

Petite Escorts Amsterdam

Not every man likes his women to tower over him. We are proud to present you with a selection of petite escorts here at Amsterdam Prive. Here you can choose your perfect companion. Our lovely girls will make you adore them. If you like a sensual, sweet and graceful girl, you are in the right place. They say that good things come in small packages, this can not be more true than our petite escorts.

Facts About Our Amsterdam Escorts

Below are some general facts about our escorts which have relevance to our customers.

Well Spoken

We employ escorts from across Europe who have different nationalities and speak various languages. To ensure our customers get the best services possible, we only use escorts who can speak English. That being said, many of our escorts can speak and array of languages.

Healthy and Clean

As per Dutch law, all escorts are appropriately educated in various subjects regarding safe sexy practices and hygiene. Our primary concern is that of the safety of our girls and our customers.

Discrette and Private

All our escorts are discrete and value the privacy of our customers. Maintaining a low profile and blending into the environment is one of our top priorities which we take very seriously. Deliveries to hotels are down in such a way that for most guests and hotel staff, our presence was never felt. Our knowledge regarding the various hotels also ensures that we move through the various venues without complications.

Payment Options

We accept only cash as payment for our escort services. Payments are made directly to the escort upon her arrival at your location. Any subsequent payments for extensions will also be made directly to the girl before the extension beginning.

Accepted Currencies

For the best rates, we advise paying in euros which has no conversation charge. Other currencies can add a cost of up to 20 per cent.
■ Euros
■ US Dollars - Conversion charge
■ UK Pounds - Conversion charge

Travelling Expenses

All travelling expenses are included in our hourly rate. There are no hidden charges. For specific remote locations, we do ask that a minimum booking time of 2 hours is made, this will be stated upfront to the customer before the booking. 

Questions regarding Amsterdam Escorts

These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our Amsterdam escorts.

What nationalities are your escorts?

Most of our girls come from all over Europe. We try our best to have a good selection of girls from varying backgrounds. This gives our customers a choice when selecting their perfect escort. It also helps significantly with regards to language and cultural expectations.

Are escort service in Amsterdam legal?

Most of our girls come from all over Europe. We try our best to have a good selection of girls from varying backgrounds. This gives our customers a choice when selecting their perfect escort. It also helps significantly with regards to language and cultural expectations.

What are the various types of payments?

There are numerous forms of payments. The escort industry is quite flexible regarding the types of payment methods. That being said, cash is also the most problem-free method of payment and is always recommended to customers.

Can I order multiple Amsterdam escorts at the same time?

Yes, of course. We have escort services specifically for this.

What is included in the Price?

Our standard package includes both sex and oral sex as part of the package. Additionally, tax to and from your location is also included unless your area is outside of Amsterdam. In the case of a remote location, you will always be informed upfront regarding any additional charges.

Can I order an Amsterdam escort to my hotel?

Yes, you can. Most hotels in Amsterdam allow customers to have guests. There are very few hotels that do not allow escorts, and we always inform our customers if their hotel does not allow escort services. Typically it is only a few small boutique hotels that do not allow escorts.

How are Amsterdam escorts presented when going to customers?

Our girls are typically dressed smart casual. The general rule is that they should be discreet and inconspicuous so as not to attract any attention. We are well aware that for most of our customers, they do not want to draw attention to the fact that they are ordering an escort.

Can two guys be with one escort?

Our rule is one guy one escort, and this is for safety reasons. However, if you order two girls, then it might be possible if one of the girls agree. It should be noted that unlike porn movies, most of our girls prefer a one on one experience or duo escort experience with their clients.

Is it possible to order an orgy with Amsterdam escorts?

Yes, but you must order one girl per guy, under no circumstance do we allow guys to outnumber girls.

Do your escorts provide half-hour bookings?

Yes, we do but only for bookings over 1 hour, meaning you can book a call girl for 1.5 hours but not 30 minutes. This is because transportation is included in the price and such as amount would make no sense to the girl.

How do extending hours work with your High-class escorts?

When you book one of our high-class escorts, you have the right to extend the hour. This does, of course, depend on the girl, but in most cases, they are more than happy to oblige. With regards to popular girls, we will alert the customer before they book as to her availability.

Do your escorts travel abroad?

No, we only provide escort services inside of the Netherlands. This is because we are no able to protect our girls if they are not under our supervision.

Do you offer any discounted escort rates?

Yes, customers who order our call girls for multiple hours will get a discounted rate. The more hours that are ordered, the cheap the hourly escort rate becomes. Another way you can reduce the hourly rate is to perform group bookings of multiple hours.

Benefits of using an Amsterdam Escort Agency

When searching for escorts in Amsterdam, it's common to get a lot of search results. Making sense of all the options available can be confusing, to say the least. Should you go to Redlight District? Should you take an independent escort? Or maybe use an Amsterdam Escort Agency? For most people, they simply have no idea, and this is where most of the problems start. Kowing the difference between these three choices can be the difference between having a good time and being bitterly disappointed.

Amsterdam Redlight District

Amsterdam Redlight District is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Amsterdam. Known for its endless windows with beautiful women, it is definitely a unique experience. Although Redlight District is a great tourist destination and wandering around the streets, viewing the spectacle can be fun. It's a far cry from a sophisticated experience with a high-class escort. Prices start low to catch the onlookers and quickly increase when getting inside. The rooms are small and sterile and don't present anything that could be considered romantic or even sexual. The best way to describe these rooms are they are more like hospital wards. But for the target market, that being young guys with not that much money who are often intoxicated this is perfect.

Another aspect when finding escorts in Redlight District that people do not often talk about is the process of acquiring the service. This usually means walking around dark alleyways in the middle of the night, browsing windows to hopefully find the perfect girl. For many men that are travelling alone, this can be a hair raising experience and somewhat disconcerting. Unfortunately, the windows are not located in one street, meaning you will have to walk a lot before you find what you are looking for. Another factor to consider is that you may also have to wait on the street if the girl you wanted gets busy. There are no waiting rooms or places that you can lounge around comfortably while you wait for your girl.

All in all, we do not recommend the Redlight District for the mature businessmen who are used to the basic comforts of life.

Independent Amsterdam Escorts

Independent Amsterdam Escorts are another way you can book an escort service. Ordering an independent escort is an entirely different experience to Redlight District. That being said, it also has advantages and disadvantages. The main problem is you don't know what you are getting. So the selecting process will be somewhat of a gamble. It is true that independent escorts can be amazing, but for the most part, their services are sub-par. The reason for this is that they are not governed by anyone and literally do as they please, and this often leads to corrupt practices and taking advantage of customers. Unless you have had a girl recommended to you by a trusted source we would ask that you seriously consider who you are meeting.

In terms of price independent escorts are often perceived as cheaper because their base price is lower. However, in most cases, this is not true, and you will be presented with many additional costs once she arrives. It will start with the taxi costs, which will be an extra €50. Then she will often find other creative ways to introduce additional fees for things which would assume should be part of the price. By the time you are done, you could have spent double what you were anticipating.

Amsterdam Escort Agencies

Amsterdam Escort Agencies offers the best of what Redlight District and Independent Escorts have to provide. Escort agencies in Amsterdam are companies that specialise in providing escort services to both hotels and private homes. What sets them apart is that they deliver escort services to the comfort of their client's environments. The focus is on providing a high-class escort service that is engaging and memorable. This means the escort agency tries to match you the customer with the perfect girl. The end goal is for you to have a great time and hopefully to become a repeat customer.

This mindset and approach provide the customer with a completely different experience which is often more in line with typical expectations. Additionally, because an escort agency has an infrastructure with multiple call girls offering various escort services, it means they can adapt to your unique requirements. What this means is that once the agency becomes familiar with your tastes, it can be a great asset in sourcing and recommending new escorts. Furthermore, by customers providing feedback, the agency is able to adapt its services and girls to meet market needs. Ultimately it's only the escort agency business model which has the facilities to change and improve.

Another critical consideration for foreigners coming to Amsterdam is safety and security. By utilising the services of an Amsterdam escort agency, you get the benefits of the screening process. Like in any industry you always get bad apples, when using an agency, they discover the bad apples and quickly remove them. Agencies certainly don't want to keep call girls around that will damage their business or reputation. It's these practices that ultimately make your experience better.